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Managing Directors: Derk Möller, Holger Lietz

Commercial Register of Munich: HRB 215309, Amtsgericht München
Tax-ID Number:   143.164.10996
VAT-ID Number: DE297589674

Responsible for content according to § 55 (2) RStV: Derk Möller, Holger Lietz


Terms of Use

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the usage of our websites:, and its subdomains (hereinafter also “our sites”) offered by the MotorMiles Technologies GmbH (hereinafter “MotorMiles Technologies” or “we”). We reserve the right to change the Terms & Conditions any time and encourage you to regularly check for changes in applicable conditions. The Terms were last changed in January 2015. By using our sites, the application of these Terms & Conditions will be accepted in its current version.


The content and functionality on our sites, including text, images, graphics, logos, brands, and symbols, and their selection and arrangement (the “content”) are protected by copyright. The content may be used only for your own personal purposes. It is forbidden to display our sites within a partial window (frame) or integrate it using other technologies, Furthermore, it is forbidden to copy data from our sites by means of technical aids (such as crawlers, spiders, etc.). MotorMiles Technologies granted no license or other permission to link or otherwise use our sites or the content, if such use or link: (a) gives the impression that MotorMiles Technologies supports the corresponding website, its message or its concerns, political campaigns or other products or support services from third parties or endorsement, (b) copied without express written permission of MotorMiles Technologies, is distributed, or otherwise used or (c) use the content for commercial purposes. MotorMiles Technologies does not allow linking and/or use of our sites if the user fails to comply with the Terms & Conditions stated here. MotorMiles Technologies reserves the right to withdraw at any time permission for linking and/or use. Reproduction of information or data, particularly the use of texts, text parts or images requires prior written consent of MotorMiles Technologies.

Displayed marks, designs and logos on our sites are registered or unregistered trademarks of MotorMiles Technologies and/or its licensor.


MotorMiles Technologies does not assume any liability for the content, correctness, legality or functionality of external websites to which its own sites are linked, either directly or indirectly. We neither intend nor are able to continuously check the websites of third parties.

All of the material on this website is intended exclusively for general information purposes. We do not guarantee that it is correct or complete. Comments, recommendations and information are non-binding, and the information provided is used at the user’s own risk. We shall not be made liable – unless legally mandatory – for any damage caused by using the information and services obtained on our websites.

As a consulting company, MotorMiles Technologies is not allowed to advise about legal or tax issues that may arise in the course of business consulting. We recommend that you obtain such advice from lawyers or tax consultants, if required.

Concluding clause

These Terms & Conditions of use and data protection are subject to German law. If one or several of the terms are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining terms shall not be affected.

Effective Date: October 2016